Cleaning Warning

Jan 15, 2017

Cleaning Warning

Ten Things You Should Know Before You Have Your Rug “Professionally” Cleaned

We all know, hiring anyone to do anything in your home can be difficult. That is why we normally ask friends and family who they are using and if they are happy. This is how we have built our business is by word of mouth, but our families don’t always have the answers. This means that you will have to do some shopping around and that is how you probably found this website today. I created this page for one reason and one reason only. TO HELP INFORM & PROTECT YOU!! Even if you do not use my company I want you to have some knowledge so that you can pick the correct cleaner for your situation. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and have seen a lot of things. If you are able to utilize even half of what I tell you today you will be just fine choosing the right company.

So here is my “Top Ten List” of things you need to know or ask when shopping for a rug cleaner. I have already mentioned some of these on the home page but the point of this page is to drive home the importance of asking and finding out the correct info to protect yourself.

1. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID the $1.00 to $1.75 per square foot guys. Why, you ask? I have been in this business for a long time and I can tell you the average cost for professional rug cleaner to do this job correctly. So when you get a quote for a $1.50 per square foot for anything other than a bound remnant or wall to wall style carpet, you know they are going to use their big truck mount with that hot steam and massive suction on your beautiful rug– in order for them to make a profit they have to.

If the rug bleeds, browns, shrinks or something else goes wrong their insurance won’t fix it! That’s even if they have insurance. I will talk more about insurance in number 7. If you want a splash and dash cleaning then call the local franchise. I promise you, anything under $1.75 should send you running. Protect yourself! Protect your rug!

2. If the cleaner wants to clean the rug at your home, inside or in your driveway say thanks but NO THANKS! Rugs should never be cleaned in the customer’s home. A well trained rug cleaner will have a facility and won’t even ask to do the rug in your home. There are many reasons we do the rugs in our studio. We can go into all those reasons later.

3. Are they Wool Safe Approved? We are a Wool Safe Approved Service Provider and I am Wools Safe Certified. Anyone cleaning wool rugs should be Wool Safe Approved.

4. If the cleaner wants to clean the rug at your home inside or in your drive way say thanks but NO THANKS!!! Rugs should never be cleaned in the customers home…..PERIOD! A true well trained rug cleaner will have a facility and won’t even ask to do the rug in your home. There are many reasons we do the rugs in our studio. We can go into all those reasons later. As a matter of fact watch for a you tube video being posted soon on this site about those reasons.

5. Have them explain their method. They should be confident in their methods and able to explain them easily.

Remember avoid the TRUCKMOUNT!!

6. All rug cleaners should offer a Wool Safe Approved Fabric Protection.

7. Stay away from the tub washers using Di-Chlor a form of Chlorine bleach and the BIG HOT truck mounts. Did you know one of the ways to test if a rug to see if it is made of wool is to take individual fiber and put it in chlorine bleach and the wool will disintegrate! If they tell you have the greatest and strongest truckmount in the business you need to keep shopping. Truckmounts are not needed to clean rugs. Again this is not wall to wall carpet this is a beautiful woven rug. Hot steam on a wool rug or a silk rug is NOT GOOD!! Did you know that one of the ways to test for dye bleed is to take really hot water on a white cotton towel and apply it to the base of the fibers? So why would you clean with a fire breathing truckmount? As for the Franchise companies I won’t say too much other than stay with a company that is a true rug washer. The goal is to Do No Harm and keep your rug clean and make it last as long as possible. The products and procedures of these type companies WILL DAMAGE your rug.

8. Will they dust your rug? You have to remove the dry soil before you even think of starting a cleaning process. Remember, Water + Dust = Mud!! We have spent hours removing pounds of dry soil from rugs that were previously “Cleaned”. It’s sad to say, but there are very few companies in our area that are truly dusting a rug the right way. Hopefully this will change.

9. My final and most important question you should ask…..Do They Have a GUARANTEE?

I wish you the best and I truly hope you decide to call us and find out more about our Rug Cleaning Studio. I am very proud of what our company has achieved and I am also very proud of everyone that works for me. I promise you that your rugs will be taken care of and we will do our best to not only get them clean but to also show you how we can keep them cleaner longer and prolong the life or your rugs.