Rug Repairs

The Cleaning Studio can repair or replace the edges of your rug or carpet. Whether your rug has fringe, surging, or binding, we offer repair options.

Fringe Repair

On a hand woven rug is part of the structure of the rug, it is the warp fibers that secured the rug to the loom. When the rug is removed from the loom, the visible warp fibers become what is known as the fringe.

Replacement options include:

  •  Premade fringe is sewn on to the end of the rug, although not original it will protect the end of the rug and is aesthetically pleasing
  • Reweaving of the rug is performed by our master repair person who will reweave the rug repairing the fringe.

Yarn is wrapped around the edge of the rug to protect the edge.


Fabric is bound at the edge of rug to protect the edge.

Side Cord Repair

Rug Shearing

Rug shearing removes fuzzing from your carpet.

Rug Backing Replacement

This photo shows rug backing replacement on a tufted rug.

Reweaving, Patching, and Tear Repairs

Rug or carpet repairs requiring reweaving, patching, or tear repairs are performed by our master repair person.

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